Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yeva konkan aploch asa!!!

cudnt find a better pic than this to start with ;)

3 khokas (boxes) full :D

a stil near Malwan fort

Kalnirnaywale Salgaonkar-ancha Ganpati, Medhe, Malwan

an evening in Talere

the best from this lot i feel... (Talere)

unique.. vei unique... one of the unique tree on Malwan fort

n number of waves come and hit the outer wall of the fort, but it is still as strong as it was 100's of years back...

can u see the rocks in the midst of the sea?? it seems those are faces of ppl looking at us.. i kno.. i sound funny @ times.. ;)

topless coconut tree. (Malwan Killa)


Malwan Killa : view I

Malwan Killa : view II

rainbow clicked this one @ Rajapur varcho ;) [upper] bus Depot

dawn breaks up!! (Talere)

sunrise @ Talere

a stil from Malwan bunder...

Malwan fort : picked up from the miniboat which takes you till the entrance of the fort

houses near the Sagve-Shirse bander.

look @ the coconut trees.. we call it ma~ad

all lined up to for fishing..

clouds they always draw something in the sky

sunrays coming out thro' the clouds (Rajapur)

Tirlot -Amberi, Vijaydurg

Sagve-Shirse, Rajapur : View from Tirlot-Amberi

The creek which separates both districts - Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg

konkan @ its best...

naavika re waara ahe re.. daula ne haak jara aaj naav re..

moonrise @ varkhal naka, Raigad District

i saw them coming, yeah the monsoon clouds.. : Vagothan, Near Vijaydurg

this is how a cashewnut fruit looks like. the bottom part is very sweet..

big baloon :D I luaaaav clouds..

a young fisherman (Tirlot, Amberi : Vijaydurg)

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HarishChandra Gad 28-30th Dec 2007

view from khireskwar- base camp

khet khaliyan - bhatinda, chandigarh typo

sunset from lonavla

isnt this gr8!!!

after v crossed two mountains.. somewhere midway

standing tall

sun in a sandwich position ;)

a beautiful sunrise taken from base camp-Khireshwar

top view - still midway...

another one

one more

looks lika sea isnt it...

can u see the tree??

count the no. of owl's peeping into my camera lens

Following all are Kokan Kada pictures.. Gr8 point.. especially the sunset.. Breeze @ speed faster than light [that was too hyperbolic... ;)]... But believe me.. throw water it comes back like rain.. Throw a bottle it flies... I kicked my frnd for doin that.. Simple, keep these places clean guys... :)

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