Friday, August 28, 2009

Kokan 2009 Day 6

Patade's Kasarde, Talere

umbryavaril tai and dada chya gappa ;)

kelbond cha saal

they call it jhadee.. It helps block heavy showers entering the house from the door and windows. Made up of dry coconut tree leaves


the best from this lot!! my fav... :)

u will find n number of tiny lil flars in kokan...

paus ani pavlyanchi maitri...

vaat pahate me ajunihi... kadhi re yeshil tu...

Kanekar's, Dhaal-kaathi, Kankavli bajaar peth

Kanekar's Gauri, Dhaal-kaathi, Kankavli bajaar peth

ovsa offered as a puja to Gauri

bappa majha....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kokan 2009 Day 5

Golatkar's (Pange-waadi) Achare, Malwan

sculptured: trees are so beautiful..

driver's cut

maitri pavsachya thembanchi ani pavlyanchi

Jal mandir, near Anganewaadi, Malwan


entrance of Vijaydurg's Rameshwar temple

bappa majha

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Kokan 2009 Day 4

Ganeshotsav, Parab Family, Baandivde, Malwan

toothless toothy :P

window pane. i lyk the color... Most of the houses in kokan has similar type of windows

photography is about capturing reflections /)

Pavnaidevi mandir, Bandivde, Malwan

Temples in Kokan has always been a tourist attraction. With time, the technique is also changing. Now a days its marble, granite and POP as opposed to rocks and limestone during the ancient times. Both techniques have their own beauty. Though, I like the ancient ones.

Green fields :)

Mhadkadevi temple, Kasarde, Talere
They say, if you pick up even a single wooden stick from this temple premise (knowingly or unknowingly) and try to move out of the place, you would keep hovering in the area until you throw it away. This temple is situated at a very remote place in Kasarde and is covered by dense forest from all sides.

Bappa majha

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Monday, August 24, 2009

kokan 2009 Day 2 and 3

Pangerkar's (Pangera-Ansure, Rajapur)

lotus from Pavas- Swarupanand Mandir

a fishermen coming back to the shore (GaonKhadi, Rajapur)

Village Purnagad, Rajapur

GaonKhadi, Rajapur


there was a time when it showed time, but now...

fuzzy image


paus padun gelyavar...

pendant ;)

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